Kate Middleton’s Smile Contributes To Celeb Site’s Perfect Woman

Kate Middleton is the perfect woman.

Well, part of the perfect woman, according to Hollyscoop.

The online entertainment magazine took the results of its 2013 “Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies” poll and decided to play Doctor Frankenstein with the results. Kate Middleton was crowned “Best Smile,” in addition to being Duchess of Cambridge, in a narrow win over Jessica Alba. As such, she contributed to an amalgamation the site is calling an avatar of “the most perfect celebrity,” proving once more that the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts (SPOILER ALERT: it’s not).

Middleton’s smile is joined by Sofia Vergara’s hair, a win over Megan Fox and Kate’s own coif. Zooey Deschanel’s eyes came in with a statistical tie with Megan Fox’s but got the win with a two-vote margin. Megan Fox finally got on the board with her eyebrows scoring 40 percent of the vote. Victoria Beckham’s jawline and Scarlett Johansson’s nose complete the world’s most gorgeous cranium.

These features are joined with the best body parts you can find: Jennifer Aniston’s arms and legs each scored big, as did Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts. Gwen Stefani’s abs, and Sofia Vergara’s curves finished off the torso.

Flip the switch, Igor!


Comments on the image were less than kind.

  • Or, more simply:Ha Ha. Jen’s legs and arms? Really? Looks like old crinkly, wrinkled knees, short stubby legs and arms. No one would pick those over say Giselle’s or Kate’s or well just about anyone else’s arms and legs..
  • Time to head back to art school for the fellow who created this total fail. Must have been too busy learning about social justice and global warming to develop any graphics arts skills.
  • Neck is awful, where did you get that, from a monkey? Abs and breasts don’t go with those legs, arms and curves. Jaw totally out.
  • Kinda scary.

What do you think about the world’s “most perfect” celebrity? What about Kate Middleton’s contribution?

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