Harry Potter Spinoff: Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Leave The Wizard Behind Him

As the Harry Potter spinoff looms, Daniel Radcliffe says he just want to leave the role behind him and move on. This could be difficult, considering we saw him grow up as “the boy who lived,” and the eight film series is now considered a must-have for fans of literary film.

Much like his fellows Emma Watson and Tom Felton, who also played major roles throughout the series, Daniel Radcliffe is trying to put himself into different roles and make everyone forget that he was Harry Potter. Good luck with that.

In order to help shed the role of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has been attempting to lure his fans into films that show him in a very different light, much like the Broadway play Equus, which notoriously slowed down the Harry Potter films so fans would forget his involvement in a role requiring extensive nudity before seeing the next film.

Daniel Radcliffe, more than a decade before the Harry Potter spinoff, began as an intensely excited boy who could barely keep his mouth shut. His first actual acting role was as young David Copperfield in the TV movie, which probably helped spur on his fame as a wizard for years to come.

Though Harry Potter and his childhood chums won’t be in the film set 70 years after the final movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is still bringing back the memory of the role that Daniel Radcliffe helped bring to life. And no, that’s not helping his cause of making everybody forget it.

Daniel Radcliffe is hoping that his 90-hour-plus weeks of filming will at least saturate the market with enough quality films that Harry Potter will simply be one of his roles instead of his alter ego. The F Word, Horns, and Kill Your Darlings, as well as his upcoming role as Igor in Frankenstein, are all Daniel Radcliffe’s way of helping us get past his famous role as the Harry Potter spinoff hits theaters.