Circboard Brings Easier Text Entry To Xbox 360, Just Needs Investors

It can be quite annoying to enter text using an Xbox 360 controller, moving around all over the screen, pecking out numbers and letters like a pigeon looking for food, but now a new text entry technology called Circboard plans to fix that frustration.

Developed for the Xbox 360 console and controller set, the system breaks up letters, numbers and symbols into groups which can then be chosen using the controllers buttons.

The system works by allowing users to select groups of letters with the left analog stick, then using the right stick or buttons to grab the letters they want. Users can also use the shoulder bumpers as spacebar and backspace functions, while the left trigger will capitalize letters.

Currently the Circboard is just a working concept, however the team is attempting to find investors and in the future adapt their text entry system into various games and console functions.

What do you think of the systems setup?