Monika Jakisic, George Clooney Have Sleepover After Stacy Keibler Split [Report]

Kim LaCapria

Are Monika Jakisic and George Clooney spending time together, with Stacy Keibler out of the picture? Gossip sources suggest that the eternal bachelor may be getting his groove on on the rebound.

As with all the Clooney buzz, the Monika Jakisic tale is one filtered only through "spies," "unnamed sources," and "people close to the Clooney situation."

According to gossip "insiders," George and the Croatian model were spied enjoying a quiet night in, made all the more suspicious and interesting in light of Clooney's alleged split from Keibler.

The source told Us Magazine that given the pair were alone for hours after dark, it's pretty clear they're soulmates destined to be together forever -- or at least, the person whose name is not supplied has assumed as much.

Us explains:

" 'They spent hours talking, and have an incredible connection,' says the insider. The sexual tension had been building for a while. Back in May, the London-based stunner, 33 -- known as the 'Croatian Sensation' -- and the Gravity actor unabashedly flirted at London nightclub Loulou's... Though he was still dating Stacy Keibler at the time (they split in July after two years of dating), 'they danced and held hands,' adds the source. 'He's been calling and texting her ever since.' "

According to the mag, it isn't just Monika Jakisic and George Clooney riding the rebound train -- the gossip title suggests that Stacy Keibler has been salving her ostensible broken heart with some post-relationship action of her very own.

The well-placed spies who watch this sort of thing say Stacy also is seeing someone, though it's not Clooney-level serious just yet. The mag adds:

" 'Stacy and Jared are dating,' a source confirmed to Us. 'They met through friends, but they are not anything more than dating.' "

According to the spies, Monika Jakisic and George Clooney engaged in a post-Keibler co-ed sleepover party, but none of the parties involved are blabbing.