Gordon Ramsay Debuts ‘MasterChef Junior,’ Twitter Is Impressed

Gordon Ramsay recently debuted his latest televised competition MasterChef Junior on Fox. Judging from the comments on Twitter, people seem impressed with the culinary’s wizard’s latest show.

Instead of dealing with adults cooks looking to leave their mark on the culinary world, the latest reality show focuses on budding chefs between the ages of eight and 13. Since the contestants are younger and more impressionable, Ramsay had to keep his razor-sharp tongue under control.

Nine-year-old contestant Sarah recently told the folks at Today that Gordon Ramsay had to watch his mouth when dealing with the kids. This meant cutting back heavily on the amount of on-camera swearing.

“I have seen almost all of Gordon Ramsay’s shows. But I wasn’t really frightened about it because he can’t be really mean because, like, we’re kids,” she explained.

Although Sarah said Ramsay accidentally let a few bad words slip while filming MasterChef Junior, the renowned chef seemed to think he kept the foul language in order.

“My wife is an ex-school teacher. I think, like any sport, any situation under pressure, when some bad words come out, they get bleeped. I don’t think I swore once across ‘MasterChef Junior,'” he said.

Twelve-year-old Molly told Zap2It that the judges were very intimidating. While she was originally worried about Gordon Ramsay, the young chef told the website that Joe Bastianich is easily the scariest judge of the bunch.

She explained:

“The judges are very intimidating. Gordon is scary once you see him on TV, but he’s very, very nice once you meet him, very nice, very sweet. Joe Bastianich is the scariest, most intimidating person on this entire planet. He is so scary. I hope my station is in the back row, so he won’t come. I hope so, because he’s so scary. I’m just hoping he likes my food.”

What did the folks on Twitter think about the season premiere of MasterChef Junior? Check out some reactions to the first episode below.

Did you catch Gordon Ramsay on the season premiere of MasterChef Junior?

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