Bill O’Reilly Says God Told Him To Write Killing Jesus [Video]

Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly says that the touch of the Holy Spirit prompted him to write his new book, Killing Jesus: A History.

In an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes, the talk show host says that he woke up one night and saw the title of the book in his head. He believes that this message came to him from God.

He also says that his newest Killing book is a researched, historical account and isn’t meant to be taken as a religious tome. Still, he does believe that he is using talents that God has given him, and believes that he has a place in God’s plan.

Written with Martin Dugard, Killing Jesus was highly anticipated before its release on September 24. The book has received mixed reviews since release, with USA Today’s Bob Minzesheimer complaining that the book has “nothing original to say about Jesus or the Jewish leaders who pushed their Roman rulers to execute the young troublemaker and blasphemer.”

Conversely, The Washington Times’ Wes Vernon wrote of the book favorably, lauding the book’s “pinpoint accuracy” and exclusion of “some scriptural quotes that more modern scholars have questioned.”

He also wrote that the book’s narrative flows well, despite “the huge cast of characters in what is billed as the true story of ‘the execution of the most influential man who ever lived.’ “

Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Norah O’Donnell will air on Sunday evening when 60 Minutes returns for its 46th season. Killing Jesus: A History serves as the third book in O’Reilly’s Killing trilogy, which also includes the best sellers Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy.