Catfight over Facebook Casanova gets one woman run over – twice

The cheerleader mom has nothing over this lunatic who lists her favorite activity on Facebook as “getting drunk” is now headed to jail for running over her cousin, not just once but twice.

Apparently it all started when Melanie Spanopoulos and her cousin, Giselle Penagos, got into a vicious fight over some guy on Facebook who had accepted a friend request from Spanopoulos but not her cousin Giselle Penagos.

After watching the Jets game at a bar, Spanopoulos — whose Facebook page notes that her favorite activities are “getting drunk” and “speaking gibberish” — and Penagos headed home on the Southern State Parkway.

Galgano said that’s when one of the girls found out the other one was in touch with a potential love interest on Facebook.

Spanopoulos’ lawyer, Dennis Lemke, said the man refused Penagos’ friend request but accepted one from his client.

Then the fur flew.

Spanopoulos pulled off the parkway onto a dark street near Elmont Avenue and Penagos got out. When Penagos refused to get back in the van, Spanopoulos allegedly leaped out and the pair wrestled each other to the ground.

The suspect then hopped behind the wheel and plowed into her cousin with the van, cops said. She then allegedly put the vehicle in reverse and smashed into her a second time.

via New York Post

Wow. Not sure what else to say about this.