September 25, 2013
Dez Bryant Fined For Throat Slashing Gesture

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been fined $7,875 by the NFL for using a throat slashing gesture Sunday against the Rams. Bryant was also flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct during the game.

Dez Bryant made the throat slashing gesture after catching a two yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo. He jogged to the middle of the endzone, raised his arms in an "X," and then made the slashing gesture.

The touchdown was the Cowboys first score in a 31-7 drubbing of St. Louis. After the gesture and flag, Bryant apologized to head coach Jason Garrett on the sideline.

Dez Bryant is still a young player at 24-years-old, and is still going to make mistakes like this. He claims he was trying to make a scissors cutting motion to say "cut it out," but it came out wrong. He would have been fined regardless, the gesture has been banned since 1999.

Dez Bryant's fine is merely a slap in the wrist by the NFL. It serves no other purpose than to politely ask him to never pretend to slash his throat during a game again. Bryant understands, he told reporters, "I shouldn't have done it."

It is nice to see the NFL not giving a fine for a violent hit this season. The league has gone completely overboard chastising players for trying to play football. Maybe now its focus can return to reminding players to be good sports and shake hands after games.

Do you find Dez Bryant's fine of $7,875 laughable? Will the NFL's message get across?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]