Intel To Give Universities $100 Million For Research

Intel has announced that they are infusing American universities with $100 million in cash over the next five years. According to the chipset manufacturer the money will go to various Intel Science and Technology Centers, with the first being built at Stanford university.

The large cash donations will be primarily used to focus on next-generation visual computing with research being conducted in the fields of mobility, security and embedded technology.

According to Electronista:

At the Stanford lab, researchers will work with colleagues from seven other universities. These include the Universities of California at Davis, Berkeley and Irvine; the University of Washington; Cornell; Princeton; and Harvard.

For their research the Sandy Bridge Core Processor line will be used to help develop the way images are captured or created before the computer monitor delivers those images to the user.

Intel is also sending four of their own researchers to each center to allow for better interaction between University researchers and Intel scientists.