Terrelle Pryor Wants Lesley Woodyard Fined For Concussion Hit

Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor believes the NFL should fine Broncos linebacker Lesley Woodyard for the hit that resulted in his concussion Monday night.

Terrelle Pryor’s status to start Sunday is in doubt because of his concussion. If he can’t go, $6 million backup Matt Flynn will start in his place. Of course, Pryor wants to start, but only if he won’t be hurting the team as a result.

Terrelle Pryor was on his way to get a concussion test Wednesday when he told reporters that the hit by Lesley Woodyard on Monday night was illegal and, “I think he should get fined, definitely.”

The hit came late in the fourth quarter with the Raiders on the goal line. Woodyard came down on Pryor and sacked him. The high looked like it had helmet-to-helmet contact. Pryor didn’t show any immediate signs of a concussion, but was taken to the locker room after the drive fizzled.

Matt Flynn came in, and was unimpressive to finish the game.

It’s fair for Terrelle Pryor to believe the hit was illegal and Woodyard should be fined, even if not everyone agrees. After the game, Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said he thought it was a legal hit.

Now the question becomes whether or not Terrelle Pryor can pay when the Raiders match up against the Redskins on Sunday. About his chances, he said, “Matt’s definitely going to be the best guy to do it if I can’t do it, if I’m not in good condition. I feel good, but it all depends upon tomorrow, how I feel, and just keep taking the right steps. I don’t want to come in here and make it like a circus. I just want to keep getting my rest, keep studying.”

Is Terrelle Pryor right about the hit? Do the Raiders need him to be able to beat the Redskins Sunday?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]