N.Y. Mall Shooting: Sang Ho Kim Considered ‘Armed And Dangerous’

A N.Y. Mall shooting left one person dead and another injured earlier today. Police have identified the shooter as Sang Ho Kim.

According to ABC, police conducted a search in the buildings surrounding the Long Island Mall but could not locate Kim. Police believe that he fled in a white Honda.

The Nassau County Police said that Sang Ho Kim should be considered “armed and dangerous” but added that he is not a public threat. The gunman in the N.Y. Mall shooting targeted at specific business and police do not believe that he is out to hurt anyone else.

The police said in a statment: “This does not seem to be an active shooter, the place of business seems to have been targeted.”

Police say that Sang Ho Kim entered Save Energy, a lighting fixture business, at about 10 am this morning. Kim used to be an employee at the company. The owner of the company and is currently in the hospital. Another employee was killed in the shooting.

Hofstra University and other schools in the area were put under lock down shortly after the shooting. All lock downs have been lifted but police are still searching for the gunman.

CBS reports that the gunman has been described by police as an Asian male approximately 6-feet-2 inches tall. He was last seen wearing a brown suit jacket and a red shirt. Police believe that he fled the scene in a white Honda Pilot with a New York license plate: FMA-3648.