Drake Gets Emotional For New Album, Talks Kardashian Girls

Everyone who knows R&B singer Drake is well aware that he’s not afraid to get a little emotional now and then. In fact, Drake getting emotional has slowly turned into his “thing” as an artist.

Drake has a brand new album out called Nothing Was the Same, which means he’s unleashed another excuse to get emotional. Explaining his process for the album to E!, Drake doesn’t mince his words on what it was like in the studio. Drake told an E! reporter of his emotional ways:

“it’s emotional, but I think I also found a balance in the production—as far as not to make it so down.”

Drake continued to dissect his emotional work on his new album, having said:

“I feel like on this album, I try to push everything together to make it strong. It’s great. It’s one of my favorite pieces. It’s concise. I’m really proud of the writing on there.”

Drake getting in touch with his emotional side has left him a pretty huge target for the celebrity pairing game. Apparently singing about the matters of the heart is just asking for someone to mash Drake up with a new celebrity each week.

Recently Drake sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss his love life. The singer revealed that while he did date Tyra Banks, and Rihanna, he did not date Nicki Minaj, or Kim Kardashian.

Although Drake appeared to be a bit uncomfortable with answering Ellen’s questions, he was fine with answering questions about the Kardashian family since he has appeared on their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Of the Kardashian family, Drake said:

“I really like Kylie Jenner a lot, I really like Kendall Jenner. Everybody’s really nice. Khloé [Kardashian Odom]’s really nice. And obviously, you know, the queen of it all—Kris Jenner—she’s my favorite.”

Do you think Drake will ever find true love?