Sexist Gorilla Leaves Dallas Zoo, Not Going To Therapy; Breakdancing Gorilla Replaces Him

Patrick, the sexist gorilla, will be leaving the Dallas Zoo, zoo officials say, but where will he go next?

The Inquisitr had previously reported that Patrick would be sent to therapy at his new home at the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in Columbia, South Carolina. However, according to the Dallas Zoo’s Facebook page, that’s not the case; while Columbia will indeed be his new home, he won’t be having share time on a therapist’s couch.

“Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet,” read the zoo’s comment on a photo of the gorilla. “Patrick isn’t going away for ‘therapy’ and he’s not ‘antisocial.’ He is simply socialized more to people than to gorillas, so he prefers to be alone.”

“This carefully planned move has been years in the making, involving gorilla experts from across the nation, and is the best move for him and for our zoo.”

The post directed readers to a FAQ they had previously put up about Patrick’s impending departure, which explained that the 430-pound Western lowland gorilla—an 18-year resident of the facility—was not properly socialized to other gorillas due to maternal neglect when he was an infant.

Zoo staff and guests must have mixed feelings about the situation, as the beloved Patrick’s departure makes room for Zola, one of the zoo’s newest additions. And he can breakdance.

Yes, Zola, the 2011 Internet sensation, was recently acquired—along with his brother, Shana—by the Dallas Zoo from the Calgary Zoo. Zola and Shana, Calgary residents since 2009, are similarly on the outs with their fellow primates, having not been accepted into the zoo’s troop of Western lowland gorillas after moving from the Bronx Zoo.