That was quick- now everyone can port numbers to Google Voice

A scant five days ago, Google confirmed that number porting was being tested as a feature of Google Voice after some users spotted the feature and alerted tech blogs to its presence.

As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared for some users and remained an option to just a few. But Google announced the official introduction of the service today on their blog, and porting is available to existing users immediately. (If you’re thinking of signing up for Google Voice to take advantage of this feature, you’ve got to cool your heels for a few weeks.) Porting takes a day to go through, and the post links through to a some additional steps required to make the move from a standard carrier to Google complete.

As has been mentioned numerous times, you’ll be subject to early termination fees from your carrier if you’re under contract. Landline number porting isn’t available yet, either. Have you started to work Google Voice into your phone-using habits yet? Do you plan to eventually port your number to Google?