10 Really Strange Sports Injuries That Never Should Have Happened

World-class athletes can run faster, throw further, and jump higher than the average person. Yet those same players are also susceptible to simple and sometimes strange injuries.

From Sammy Sosa throwing out his back by sneezing to a soccer player being punched in the face by his own teammate, our list of the most dump sports injuries is diverse and painfully entertaining.

Here are 10 strange sports injuries that will likely leave you questioning the true adonis like stature of professional athletes:

Bill Gramatica – Celebrating A Field Goal

Bill Gramatica

Arizona kicker Bill Gramatica injured himself over a measly 3-points. During a game against the New York Giants in 2001 Gramatica kicked a field goal and then tore a ligament while celebrating.

The worst part? New York won the game 17-13.

George Brett – Being A Superfan Can Hurt Sometimes

George Brett

Forget about injuring yourself during a game because George Brett did it while watching a game on TV.

Brett was at home in 1983 and had the Cubs game on TV in his den. While doing laundry Brett heard that Bill Buckner was coming to bat. Buckner was a favorite of Brett so he dashed across the house to watch him hit.

Brett slammed his foot into a door jamb and broke his toe. He was placed on the disabled list.

A sucky injury but we have to give it up to the guy for being a huge MLB fan while playing in the league.

Dustin Penner – Pancakes Cause Back Spasms

Dustin Penner

Dustin Penner might be a world-class athlete but that didn’t stop him from being injured by pancakes.

Penner’s wife cooked him up a short-stack and when he leaned over to eat his back seized up.

The injury wasn’t career or even season ending but he did miss one NHL game.

Hockey is a very tough sport, but apparently not as hard as eating pancakes.

Gus Frerotte Headbutts Wall In Touchdown Celebration

Apparently Gus Frerotte didn’t get the memo about NFL concussions.

In 1997 the Washington Redskins quarterback rushed for a touchdown and then celebrated by headbutting the wall in front of the stands.

The wall was padded but it had concrete behind it.

Frerotte would recover but was forced to leave that particular game.

Sammy Sosa – Taken Down By A Sneeze

Sammy Sosa

In 2004 Sammy Sosa sneezed. Sure we all sneeze but we don’t usually throw out our back.

Sosa was one of the hottest hitters in The Bigs during the time of his injury.

Sosa was out for a while and his career was never the same. Coincidence? Probably.

Bobby Cruickshank – The Only Golfer To Suffer A Self Induced Concussion

Bobby Cruickshank

In 1934 Bobby Cruickshank was leading the US Open with just eight holes to play.

On the 11th hole Bobby miffed a shot and sent his ball towards a water hazard. The ball bounced off a rock and miraculously landed on the putting green.

Cruickshank was so excited about his good fortune that he threw his golf club into the air. As the club fell back to the ground it hit Bobby on the head and knocked him out.

Eventually the US Open leader woke up but he was concussed and finished tied for third after hitting several bogies.

Ken Sanders Hurt By The Sun

Ken Sanders

Mets reliever Ken Sanders broke his nose and cheek bone thanks to the sun.

A glare was coming off the glass partition behind home plate at Shea Stadium during the 1975 season and Sanders didn’t see his catcher tossing the ball back to him.

With no chance to see the ball Sanders was hit in the face.

Sascha Bender Punched In Face For Farting Too Much

Sascha Bender - Punched In Face For Farting

Sascha Bender suffered a pretty bad facial injury after being punched in the face.

The worst part? The punch came from teammate Christian Okpala.

When asked why he would attack his fellow teammate Christian Okpala said Bender “permanently provoked me by farting all the time.”

Clarence Blethen Bit In The Butt With His Own False Teeth

Clarence Blethen

Rumor has it that former Boston Red Sox pitcher Clarence Blethen carried a set of false teeth in his back pocket.

During a game in 1923 Blethen slid into a base and was bit on the butt by his own fake chompers.

Apparently Blethen was left with a bloody butt and had to leave the game.

A fine lesson in oral hygiene.

NFL Receiver Steve Smith Hurt Playing Flag Football

Steve Smith Flag Football Injury

Carolina Panthers star wide receiver Steve Smith can take hits from 400 pound lineman but he isn’t so good with flag football.

Before the start of training camp in June 2010 Smith broke his arm playing flag football.

Smith managed to start the season but he missed the start of his teams training camp schedule.

We chose these 10 strange sports injuries of all-time but there are many other examples of world-class athletes injuring themselves doing silly and sometimes stupid things.

If you have another favorite strange sports injury leave us a comment with your own selections.