Anna Gunn Became Phsyically Ill Because Of Final ‘Breaking Bad’ Episodes

Breaking Bad co-star Anna Gunn became physically ill because of the direction moved in during the final episodes of the series.

Talking to PEOPLE, the 45-year-old actress explains that she lost a bunch of weight because of the emotional stress placed on her. Gunn explains, “I was actually ill while I was filming the show, and it affected my weight.”

The weight loss became such a problem that Anna Gunn was given medical help. “They gave me cortisone and I puffed up and gained weight. Now I’m better, thank God.”

During the Emmys, several observers noticed that Gunn was looking a lot thinner than she did during the 2012 awards season. London’s Daily Mail sent the following fan-based Tweet on Emmys night: “Am I the only person in the Twitterverse that thought Anna Gunn looked like she was starving?”

Speaking to the Daily News in August, Anna Gunn admitted that she wasn’t aware how dark Breaking Bad would get when it first started. Gunn says she doesn’t believe anyone knew how much the show would shift.

AMC’s Breaking Bad took home the nights top award for best drama series, an award that had eluded the show during its previous seasons.

In the meantime, fans of Walter White and Jessie will have to wait a few more days before they learn the fate of their favorite characters.

Can’t get enough Breaking Bad in your life? The spin-off series Better Call Saul will start airing sometime in 2014. That show follows the life and times of show character Saul Goodman.

Are you super-excited to watch the Breaking Bad series finale?

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