Brett Favre Is Game Ready Says Agent Bus Cook

Is your NFL franchise in desperate need of a Pro-Bowl caliber quarterback? You could be in luck if you can talk Brett Favre out of retirement.

According to the famed QB's agent Bus Cook, Favre is not only game day ready, he's in the best shape of his life thanks to a highly involved daily workout routine.

Cook ensures us that Brett has no desire to make an NFL comeback, but he does explain why Favre could return.

"His arms look like a blacksmith's arms. He rides a bike probably 30-50 miles a day. He runs four or five miles a day. He's coaching at the high school and they're undefeated. He loves it. His body fat is 7.5 percent and he weighs 225 pounds. He could play today, better than a lot of them out there today." Buss then adds, "Today, he could play today. I saw him the other day. He's in the best shape I've ever seen him in, physically."

While Brett Favre is 43-years-old, it isn't impossible to envision him playing for an NFL team with a strong offensive line. An offense that could offer his aging body the protection it likely needs. Favre always had one of the strongest arms in the NFL and even a slightly slower throwing arm would still be better than many NFL quarterbacks.

Other aging NFL quarterbacks have learned to deal with their age. Peyton Manning uses his knowledge of the game to read the blitz, and he relies on accuracy and quick snaps over having the strongest arm in the league.

Truth be told, we would rather watch Brett Favre take to the field than Jake Locker or Andy Dalton.

While watching Brett Favre play for one last season would be interesting, he seems happy where he's at. Plus, we have seen how sad it can be to watch a player jump out of retirement after years away from the game. Michael Jordan, anyone?