September 25, 2013
Orioles Manny Machado Will Avoid Surgery

Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado will not need surgery despite being carted off the field Monday night.

The news couldn't be better after watching Machado crumble running out a single to first base. His MRI revealed no tearing of any major ligaments, including the ACL and MCL. With a proper rehab schedule, he could be running again in 6-8 weeks.

If Manny Machado had torn a major ligament, he would have to miss a portion of next season. Orioles President of Baseball Operations, Dan Duquette, sounded relieved, "If everything falls into place like we think, this is something he could recover from with rest. Of course, he's out for the rest of the season, but he will be able to come back and play next year."

Manny Machado will need to be at full strength to help the Orioles get back into the playoffs next season. In 2012, Baltimore had it's first winning season in 15 years and made the post season. They were expected to repeat this year, but have already been statistically eliminated.

The best thing the Orioles can do now is look to next year. The Orioles are full of young talent and will be good for years to come. Surrounding Machado on offense are Chris Davis, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Matt Weiters, and Nate McClouth.

The team will only get better as they continue to play together.

It is great news Manny Machado might be back so soon. His injury looked devastating on the field, but his MRI revealed the best possible results. Hopefully, he can avoid surgery and continue to focus on baseball.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]