Dog Saves Baby From Turkey Ocean Mishap [Video]

A dog saved a baby from crawling too close to the Ocean in Turkey, in the remarkable video above.

Probably the first question you might ask about this situation might be “Who was recording this instead of chasing down the baby or alerting the mother?”

Anyway, dogs are known to be the hero in a lot of situations. We have seeing eye dogs for the blind, guard dogs, and some of us even own a dog simply for companionship and loyalty. Dogs are easily trained and can be fierce protectors, earning them the nickname of “man’s best friend.” And then there are the canine helpers who go out of their way to save our lives.

The latter is what this video is all about, as the baby’s mother had been distracted by tossing a ball for her dog just long enough not to catch her offspring from crawling into the water. However, her cocker spaniel was on the alert and abandoned the ball. As the young one was about to brave the open Turkey waters, the dog raced over in front of the baby and lay down between it and the water.

As the mother returned her attention to where her dog saved the baby, the baby had been about to crawl too close to the water, even around the friendly cocker spaniel, and ran over to pick the baby up.

It’s not very often that you see a dog this clever or helpful, using itself as a means of distraction for both parties just long enough to keep someone from hurting themselves.

However, in the video here we can clearly hear other voices around the camera as they all seem to be watching the baby make its potentially deadly journey. One of them could have at least tried to get the mother’s attention or raced over to stop the baby. Instead, the medal of honor goes to the family dog, whose keen instinct and ingenuity may have saved the baby’s life.

It’s not every day you see a dog save a baby from crawling into the ocean.

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