Tampa Bay signs Manny, Damon

The Tampa Bay Rays have signed Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez both to very different one year deals. On one hand you got to like a front office that is being proactive in helping their team. On the other hand I think both of these guys are better names than players, and after watching Damon play for my Detroit Tigers in 2010 I would not have signed to a five million dollar deal.

The Rays roster got picked over a bit during the latest free agent signing period. Most small market teams would have given up, and gone into the season with what they had. I think the Rays have learned that they are a relevant team, and if they want any hope of drawing a crowd they have got to work extra hard. For that I think we should commend them for taking this chance.

For me I see Damon playing a lot of LF for the Rays, and to be perfectly blunt he is a DH now. As for Manny well at some point he is going to act up and I wonder what that will do to the Rays locker room. Since they both played together in Boston maybe Damon has some influence on him and can keep him under control.

Since both of these players cost the Rays about seven million dollars there isn’t much risk, and who know the Manny side show might spark some interest in people actually attending Rays games. More importantly the Rays are still trying things and that is good for game of baseball as a whole.

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