'Breaking Bad' Ending Revealed By Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner, the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys, has predicted the conclusion to AMC's Breaking Bad, which will come to an end on Sunday.

Turner also confirmed his interest in writing and recording music for the show; however, as its ending is only days away from being aired, it's highly unlikely that he'll get the opportunity to do so.

The Sheffield born singer told NME, "Breaking Bad will end as a dream, I like that idea of [Walter] being really clever for ages and he wakes up or he comes out of an MRI scan and he hasn't got cancer, and they live happily ever after."

Unfortunately, Turner's dream ending is unlikely, but, if he does turn out to be correct, you can sure that die hard Breaking Bad fans will be disgusted by it.

Turner added, "He's got all the best intentions, or did have, and its spiraled out of control. He's got to have a moment to redeem himself."

Discussing the show's music, Turner added that he would love to have recorded music for the hit program.

"I would love to write music for Breaking Bad," chimed the Brit. "But I think I've run out of time unfortunately as there's only a couple of episodes left."

Turner was then asked what sort of melody or sound he would have provided for the show, to which he remarked, "I'd probably do reverby guitar in E minor."

Last Sunday, Breaking Bad won the Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series while Anna Gunn also claimed a gong at the same ceremony for her supporting performance during season 5.

However, it wasn't all glory for the AMC show, as both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul missed out in their categories. But the entire cast and crew still partied the night away, especially Dean Norris, who stars as Hank Schrader.

[Image Christian Bertrand/Shutterstock]