September 30, 2013
Sarah Silverman Wore A $60 Dress, But Not So Fast, Bargainistas

Sarah Silverman rocked a sweet LBD to the Emmys, and fans were pleasantly surprised to find the retro purveyors of the frock, Stop Staring, had it priced at a cool sixty bucks.

Yes, it was only $60 for the cute dress Sarah Silverman wore to the big night -- "was" being the operative word. For less than two pairs of cargo shorts at Old Navy will cost you, the comedienne looked stunning, and, if you were quick on the MasterCard draw, you too could get a bargain deal on an identical number.

Lovers of retro-style apparel (me included!) probably know of Stop Staring's awesome and sweet creations, but Silverman gave the brand a huge q-rating boost when she not only dished on her source, but the low low price she paid for the frock on the internet.

Sarah was talking to Ryan Seacrest, and she openly stated the duds weren't designer -- well, not couture, anyway. She explained:

"I'm wearing....Stop Staring. I got it online for $60. Doesn't it look just as good as anything fancy and expensive?"

YES. Sign me up? Apparently everyone had the same idea, and demand for the discount design skyrocketed -- as did the price, sadly.

Now Silverman's $60 dress is priced more than $100 more, at $162 -- but head to head with what other celebs wear, it's still a cheap deal.

If you want to rock a similar star style to Sarah but don't want to pay the full cost at which the dress is priced now, you can browse Stop Staring's sale section -- where retro-inspired dresses as cool as Sarah's are available for far less than full price at the mall. (We're kind of partial to this model, ourselves.)

Would you pay $162 for Sarah Silverman's Emmy dress?