TL;DR: Steve Harvey’s ex puts him on YouTube blast

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary has posted a series of lengthy YouTube videos alleging that while Harvey may high-handedly suggest you act like “a lady,” he isn’t above consorting with women engaging in very un-ladylike behavior.

The couple divorced a few years back, but the videos are in response to comments she said Steve made to the media about her. Mary Harvey was reportedly displeased with the results of the legal proceedings and believes the couple’s mutual lawyer had an interest in protecting Harvey’s image as a super-Christ-y advice giver and all-around decent man:

In 2007, Mary Harvey filed a lawsuit, claiming that she was left with an unfair settlement because the were both represented by the same attorney during the divorce. She said that the lawyer was more interested in maintaining her now-ex’s “do-good, likeable, Christian-type image in the public eye” than getting her a fair deal. In the suit, Mary accused Steve Harvey and the attorney of trying to cover up his “adultery, his abandonment of some of his children, his poor and neglectful parenting of the parties’ child, and physical and mental abuse of Plaintiff.”

Among accusations lobbed at Harvey, his second wife says that the comedian had unprotected sex with other women while they were together and that he has turned their son Wynton, born in 1997, against her. You can watch all three of the lengthy clips here.

Harvey briefly acknowledged the accusations on Twitter, calling them “lies.”