Sarah Hyland: Nude Scenes In Vampire Academy Movie ‘Stay True To The Book’

Sarah Hyland says Vampire Academy should “stay true to the book” in regards to many aspects.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sarah Hyland has been trying to branch out from Modern Family, which tended to be more family oriented due to being on ABC.

So, obviously, becoming a vamp tramp as part of Vampire Academy is the next career step. Vampire Academy is is based on the series of books by Richelle Mead, and Sarah Hyland will play the daughter of one of the school’s leaders named Natalie Dashkov.

The Vampire Academy movie tells the story of two friends who attend a strict school for vampires. Sarah Hyland and her friend “battle the mysterious forces of the evil Moroi who are set on destroying the Princess’s bloodline.” So, in a fashion, Vampire Academy attempts to mesh the school environment of Harry Potter with the usual vampire sexiness.

Similar to Harry Potter, some Vampire Academy fans might fear the transition from book to movie will leave out certain bits. But Sarah Hyland believes Vampire Academy fans shouldn’t worry, saying, “There’s always going to be something that’s missing… but Vampire Academy actually stays really true to the book.”

Sarah Hyland is a big fan of Harry Potter and she believes the Vampire Academy fans will be pleased in how the director is handling the material. For Sarah Hyland, nude scenes in the Vampire Academy movie seemed to be a subject of embarrassment as she demurely answered questions about whether the movie would retain the sexy scenes:

“I wasn’t on the set those days…but they’re pretty sexy people.”

What do you think about Sarah Hyland’s Vampire Academy role?