iPhone Nipple Lock Feature Only Slightly Awkward

Did you know you can use your nipple to unlock the new iPhone? Apparently the fingerprint technology used by Apple in creating a secure iPhone unlock system can recognize far more than your digits.

Of course, iPhone nipple unlocking is not a listed feature,and more like just one of the many unspoken benefits of owning Apple’s latest and greatest technology.

The strange discovery involving iPhone nipple locks comes out of Japan where a guy made a video showing himself “locking” the device with a print taken from his bare chest.

Subsequently, the iPhone user in the blue shirt “unlocks” his iPhone with a nipple, before re-locking it. It’s at this point we also must consider that this unnamed Japanese man simply finds the sensation of an iPhone brushing gently against his nipples to be a pleasurable one, rather than is gripped by any specific technological curiosity in his nipple on the iPhone endeavor.

But he perseveres, passing the iPhone off to another dude, who is wearing a white patterned shirt in the clip. Guy number two also rubs the iPhone against his nipple, just as gently. However, it appears one’s nipple is indeed as unique as a fingerprint, and the friend is unable to gain access to the other guy’s iPhone using just a print from his nipple.

We’re not sure if the iPhone nipple lock experiment has been reproduced in the wild just yet, but nothing is stopping you, iPhone owner, from attempting boob-based security for your device.

Watch above as a Japanese man locks and unlocks his iPhone with a nipple.