September 24, 2013
'Rush' Movie Features Chris Hemsworth Naked ... And A Bunch Of Good Racing Drama

Rush the movie features Chris Hemsworth and is a drama about Formula One (F1) racing directed by Ron Howard.

But that's probably not the reason why some wives will drag their husbands to the theaters for the Rush opening.

The Rush movie is centered on English racer James Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth, and his brilliant opponent, Niki Lauda. In 1976, the two rivals clashed only to result in a fiery crash where one of the pair faces death.

Interestingly, the reason Chris Hemsworth took on the Rush movie was because he desired a role that took him beyond his looks and physique. Chris Hemsworth recalls doing the marketing for The Avengers only to have every questions be about his body, his workout programs, and how did he put so much muscle on. In fact, in order to meet the requirements for the James Hunt role Chris Hemsworth had to lose all that muscle and he recalls having more food cravings than his pregnant wife.

So, perhaps almost ironically, the Rush movie features Chris Hemsworth naked on the big screen for the first time, something Chris Hemsworth found harder to do than most acting:

"It was more daunting than the racing! To take your clothes off in front of 100 people and cameras was something I wasn't comfortable with. To be honest, it was embarrassing."
James Hunt was known as a playboy who had women crawling all over him during the F1 Grand Prix. But Chris Hemsworth believes James Hunt "had a fierce desire that people acknowledge what he was capable of and admit that he was worthy of being there, as a great racer, instead of just being this playboy who took risks."

Why will you go to see the Rush movie: Chris Hemsworth's acting or for other, ahem, reasons?