‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Batwing To Be Featured More This Time Around

In Batman: Arkham Origins, the Batwing will be featured a lot more.

In a recent interview with WB Games Montreal’s gameplay director Michael McIntyre, it was hinted that the Batwing would pay a significantly larger role in the new game than it did in Batman: Arkham City. What exactly that role is remains anybody’s guess outside that of the developers, but we have a few theories based on what Michael McIntyre told the press.

Michael McIntyre said that exploration would be a more integral part of the game. It could be that you will be taking the Batwing out from the Batcave at some points and air-dropping on various locations where you might find a collectible item on the rooftops of Gotham City, much like previous free-roaming AAA titles. Abridged, the gameplay director said about the Batwing in Batman: Arkham Origins:

“The categorization of the various exploration activities in Arkham Origins creates a kind of narrative context for each type of gameplay so that exploration activity feels relevant to Batman and not just the player. … The Batwing actually was present in Arkham City – this was how Batman received new equipment in the field throughout the game. So the inclusion of that particular element is not really a conflict and we are excited to have it be a bigger presence in our game.”

It is unknown at this point exactly what purpose the Batwing will play in Batman: Arkham Origins, but its presence will play a bigger role, likely as a form of transportation. Now this could mean that Batman may use it to travel around Gotham City freely as mentioned above, or he could simply use it to look for each of the assassins out for his blood, or perhaps it will be used in an airborne boss battle, possibly with Firefly.

The possibilities are certainly exciting, and we can’t wait to see what role the Batwing plays in Batman: Arkham Origins.