Mario Balotelli Banned Three Games For ‘Intimidating’ Referee

Mario Balotelli has been banned for three matches for “intimidating a referee.

The BBC reports that the AC Milan star confronted an official after the team’s 2-1 loss to Napoli. Balotelli reportedly use “intimidating and insulting” language and has been given a three game ban.

AC Milan is expected to appeal the ban.

Mario Balotelli had a bit of a frustrating game this weekend against Napoli. He did score AC Milan’s lone goal but he also missed his first penalty shot in 22 tries. The soccer star let his frustrations get the best of him after the match and manager Massimiliano Allegri wasn’t too happy about it.

Allegri told ESPN: “When games are over, it’s better to stay quiet… It’s best to shut up and leave rather than stay there arguing with the referee, as it’s not going to change anything. Balotelli needs to improve that… Of course you’ve got to be angry at the final whistle [after losing], but you’ve got to remain serene. Hysterical outbursts don’t help at all. After the final whistle, you’ve got to shut up, otherwise you only do harm.”

AC Milan will be without Balotelli for their next three matches against Bologna, Sampdoria and Juventus.

Here’s a video of Balotellli’s missed penalty shot.