Julianne Moore Turns Signature Red Locks To Grey For ‘Hunger Games’ Role

Julianne Moore is just one of those actresses who looks fantastic as a red head. The natural red headed actress is known for her signature fiery red locks, which suit her sunny disposition quite wonderfully. However, for the first time in a while Moore has traded her red locks for something a bit more taboo on women.

For her upcoming role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Moore makes a huge departure from her red locks and fashions grey hair. Her silver hair is right in line with her new role in the Hunger Games series. The 52-year-old actress plays President Alma Coin.

That said, with her silver hair, Julianne Moore looked completely unrecognizable without her flame red hair. Still a beauty in any shade, Moore was seen filming in Atlanta, Georgia showing off her locks for the first time.

Still looking younger than what her age projects in the media, Julianne Moore was seen on set wearing a grey jacket and black pants. This is probably in part so she doesn’t reveal her costume while on set.

Moore’s character in the Hunger Games series is a revolutionary leader, which is described as having long grey hair and green eyes. According to Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games series, Moore had to look like, “all the color was sucked away.”

While she does look pretty bland in comparison to her red locks, Moore’s green eyes are still sparkling as ever.

Looking a bit older doesn’t seen to faze Julianne Moore, especially when it comes to getting a good role. The actress, who has been in top-notch work, seems to know a great opportunity when she sees it.

Moore told InStyle magazine about roles for women in their 50s: “I can’t complain. I’ve been pretty lucky. Let’s appreciate where we are. Let’s not wish our lives away.”

Do you like Julianne Moore’s new look for Mockingjay?