September 23, 2013
Fergie And Josh Duhamel Introduce Axl Duhamel As Most Recent Celebrity Baby Social Media Star

Fergie and Josh Duhamel introduced the world to son Axl Jack Duhamel last week via social media, becoming the latest stars to make their progeny famous before they can even walk.

The Digital Age has transformed the world in ways that cannot even be described and also made it that much easier to get the latest celebrity gossip. Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram have overtaken the checkout aisle tabloids as the global cult of celebrity's quick fix for all things glittered and gold.

"Magazines simply do not have that kind of cash to shell out because they have learned that it isn't worth it," Cooper Lawrence, author of "Cult of Celebrity," told The Huffington Post. "We all know that the better pictures will be on the celeb's website or on Twitter sooner or later, as soon as they have something to promote. We'll just wait for that."

The direct-to-consumer dynamic of Twitter has transformed the media by allowing stars to tell the story first and in their own words and, to some degree, control the flow of information. On the other side, it allows fans access to intimate moments of their favorite celebrities without having to pay for that tabloid at the checkout lane and hang their heads in shame.

"Celebs are now releasing their photos on their terms, just like the rest of us do on social media sites," Lawrence said.

Case in point: Axl Jack Duhamel.

Young Axl was first fed to the hungry masses on Tuesday, September 17, when Fergie shared this photo on Instagram, instantly opening up to her 319,600 followers and splashing over celebrity and social sites everywhere. As far as unique impressions go, advertisers have naughty dreams about those kind of numbers. Axl Duhamel joins the ranks of 2013's celebrity baby class. Consumers have already met Winnie Rose, daughter of late night host Jimmy Fallon, in July. Before her, Everly Tatum, offspring of Channing and Jenna Dewan-Tatum, held the celebrity-social crown in June. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian opted to use traditional media when revealing their daughter, North West, but that didn't stop the image from going viral as soon as it hit the Web.

Social media has forever altered the dynamic between news makers and consumers, and, ironically, given celebrities more control over their private lives. As the media and the Web constantly evolve, what new innovation will next transform the way we consume information, regardless of the scale?