December 8, 2017
Mila Kunis On Divorce 'Drama': Just Pay Demi Off [Report]

Mila Kunis is reportedly growing tired of a not-uncommon circumstance in Hollywood (and elsewhere) -- a never-ending divorce battle, this one involving Demi Moore and her current squeeze Ashton Kutcher.

While Mila Kunis starting dating Ashton well after the marriage ended, it hadn't yet ended on paper. And a divorce is never an uncomplicated legal procedure in the absence of wealth and high-powered careers. Adding not one, but two big name celebrities is generally fuel for an already hot fire.

Kunis came onto the scene about a year ago as Kutcher's steady, and in that time, the divorce had already been knocking around since 2011.

But the wedded pair still haven't managed to officially untie the not despite years apart, and one British tabloid said Mila is tiring of the whole ongoing saga.

Citing the ever-present unnamed source, the mag quotes:

"Mila told Ashton to just give Demi the money, it isn't about winning... She's sick of this hanging over their heads and them not being able to move on with their future together."

Another "source" says that Ashton too is eager to get it settled... but that Demi may be holding out on a resolution:

"Demi and Ashton were perfectly civil when they met up, but she's still hurting. Perhaps this is the only way to keep power. They talked about the divorce, but they still haven't been able to agree on the exact settlement. Ashton has had to pursue Demi - he even had to play nice and say: 'Tell me what you want to sign.' He's just desperate to get everything finalized."

Mila Kunis and Ashton reportedly started dating in early 2012.