Diahann Carroll Talks Emmy Awards And The State Of African American Support

James Johnson

Diahann Carroll and Kerry Washington shared the Emmys red carpet on Sunday night, and Carroll used that moment to talk about the Emmy's support for African American actors and actresses.

Kerry received a 2013 nomination for the lead in the drama, Scandal, and Diahann Carroll was nominated in 1969 for her role on the acclaimed series Julia.

During her red carpet appearance, the 78-year-old actress said it shouldn't have taken 45 years for another African American female to star in a top rated drama series.

"I feel we're a little behind, we need to catch up."

Carroll was the first black actress to star in a series in which she didn't play a domestic worker. Washington stars in Scandal and was nominated in the lead actress category in a drama.

Carroll said of the Emmys support for African Americans:

"We're all very grateful to the Emmys because they've been on our side. At the same time, we'd like it to be a little more with what's going on in the world."

Twitter users were quick to chime in after hearing Carroll talk about the state of the Emmys and African American women:

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