Kate Hudson Channels Her ‘Almost Famous’ Days At iHeart Music Festival

Kate Hudson may have been recalling the days of her breakout role in Almost Famous at this weekend’s iHeart Radio Music Festival.

The actress was seen with fiance Matthew Bellamy, frontman of the band Muse, taking in an Elton John performance. When the song “Tiny Dancer” came on Kate rocked out.

The song played a small but important role in the 2000 hit Almost Famous. In it Kate Hudson played Penny Lane, a groupie who taught a high-school music correspondent about life and the music business. In one scene, the band she’s following gets into an argument on their tour bus and then spontaneously breaks into singing “Tiny Dancer.”

The role earned Hudson an Oscar nomination and propelled her to a career on Hollywood’s A-list.

She appears to still have a special connection with the song, and at the iHeart Music festival got a chance to hang out with the man who wrote it.

“Muse shared a dressing room with Elton John so Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson were hanging out with Elton before Elton went on last night,” a source told Us Weekly. “They walked out with Elton on Elton’s way to the stage.”

During “Tiny Dancer” Kate and Matthew were seen sharing an intimate moment.

“They were kissing, holding hands, having so much fun together the whole time. Kate looked radiant!” the insider added.

The relationship between Hudson and Bellamy seems to be moving along nicely. This summer Matthew planned a surprise party for Kate’s 34th birthday, a star-studded affair attended by celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Judd Apatow, and Leslie Mann.

Kate Hudson said she plans to marry Bellamy soon.