Tim Tebow News? Don’t Check The Yahoo Sports App

The sports world is flooded with Tim Tebow news everyday and it looks like Yahoo Sports has had just about enough. A new sports app boasts that it provides the most important sports stories of the day. And that, of course, means the app probably won’t feature any stories about the former Mile High Messiah.

The app reads: “New breaking news alerts: Push notifications about the most important stories in sports. So probably nothing about Tebow.”

That’s a low blow. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty accurate.

There hasn’t been a meaningful story about Tim Tebow since he was cut by the Patriots.

Recently, all of the Tebow news has been about ridiculous offers that are never going to come to fruition. Tebow isn’t going to play in the lingerie football league. He isn’t going to join the Kiss Army. And he isn’t going to Russia.

But people love to talk about Tebow. He’s like the Miley Cyrus of the NFL. The only difference is that Miley Cyrus is actually successful.

The Tebow joke in the Yahoo Sports app is an unnecessary cheap shot at the former NFL QB. Of course, it’s also something that sports fan have been dying to hear.

tim tebow

If you’re looking for a mobile app to provide you with sport stories and if you’re sick of hearing about every little thing that involves Tim Tebow, well, the Yahoo Sports app might be the app for you.