70-Year-Old Mick Jagger To Become Great Grandfather

Mick Jagger is going to be a great grandfather. The constantly touring Rolling Stones rock star will welcome a new baby by way of Jade Jagger’s eldest daughter Assisi.

The baby is due in early 2014 and a source close to the family tells the Mirror:

“She and Alex are thrilled and broke the news to their immediate families last week. Jade was a little taken aback at first, not least because it means she will be a grandmother by the age of 42.”

The source says the 70-year-old rocker couldn’t be more delighted and “has no qualms about being a great grandfather.”

Apparently Jagger has taken to his new role, joking with everyone that he is going to be a great, great, grandad while still performing with the Rolling Stones.

Mick Jagger is the father to seven children aged 14 to 42. The famed rocker has daughters by way of four different women.

Jagger’s oldest son Karis was born in 1970, the result of a fling with model Marsha Hunt. Jade was born to Bianca, Mick’s first wife.

During his nine year marriage to model Jerry Hall the famed rocker fathered four children, Elizabeth, James, Georgia May and Gabriel.

Jagger’s grandchildren include Assisi and her sister Amba and Karis’ two children.

Mick Jagger shows no signs of slowing down, at this rate his great, great grandfather joke might become a reality.

Do you think Jagger and the Rolling Stones can manage to keep touring long enough for Mick Jagger to welcome a great great granddaughter?