Mild-Mannered Minister Stops Wedding Ceremony Cold To Flip Out On Photog [Video]

"Whoa, calm down" will probably be your reaction after seeing the video posted above.

In it, a seemingly mild-mannered minister stops a wedding ceremony cold to turn around and snap off on the photographer who is, presumably, standing right over his shoulder. It's not just a quick "go away," either. The ego-bruised minister and the ego-bruised photographer actually argue for what feels like ages.

Finally, the minister scares the photographer and his partner off with a "this is not about the photography, this is about God."

Well, it is a wedding... the pictures are kind of important too, right?

Either way, the bride and groom don't put a stop to the minister's full-on rage. They just stand there looking awkward, the ceremony part of their special day pretty much ruined.

The video has gone semi-viral with over 300,000 views on YouTube, with many commenters criticizing the minister for his tirade. Some commenters claim to have been first-hand witnesses to the event, as well.

"The minister told the photographers to leave the front of the area, leaving them no place to go except way off to the side or the rear. So they went to the back so they could get the bride's and groom's faces," said Kathy Hannon, who claims she was present for the wedding.

"The minister had a right attitude from the get-go. A real stiff pr*** of an angry little man who thought he owned the whole expanse of a lawn provided to everyone," she continued.

One commenter, Kamrul Hasan, claimed to be the photographer scolded by the minister.

"Well it's not about how I clicked the shutter and they wouldn't be married. My job was to capture their event beautifully. My intention wasn't to kill or hurt anyone with my shutter clicks," he said. "That priest was just an ass. This was fun outdoor wedding. That's the reason they didn't held their ceremony in the Church."

Still, some commenters backed the minister. Jaquelynn Brynn, herself a wedding photographer, said that it's unprofessional to get so close to the "action" unless "requested for a specific shot."

"It's very distracting to everyone. That's what zoom lenses are for," she said. "He should have had a chat beforehand about his requests, but I don't blame him for asking them to move."

Watch the minister go off on the photographer in the video above, and let us know what you think. Was the minister justified in his outburst? Is this video possibly staged? Should the minister, photographer, bride and groom have talked about all of this beforehand?