Justin Bieber Interview: Talks Favorite Things, And Yes, Eric Clapton [Video]

Justin Bieber is two days away from kicking off the Asia leg of his Believe world tour with a show at the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix on Monday.

Rockers The Killers and Bajan bad girl Rihanna will perform the day before, but the Canadian will close the famous street circuit event by himself.

Right on cue then, a new Thai interview has surfaced promoting the19-year-old's follow-on concert in Bangkok, Thailand on September 26.

The interview themes on Justin's "Favorite Things" and offers a smattering of interesting tidbits, a nostalgia-tinged glimpse of the pop prince's now-culled mustache, and an always fascinating look at the illustrated teen's growing sleeve of tattoos.

Without further ado:

Q: Best Instrument The Singer Plays

A: "The best instrument that I play is probably the drums." [Bieber also plays the piano, guitar and dabbled with the trumpet.]

Q: Favorite sport

A: "My favorite sport to play is ice hockey but my favorite sport to watch is basketball."

Q: Favorite Daily Activity

A: "I find myself in the studio most every day, mainly just because of my love of music."

Q: Favorite Color

A: "So, my favorite color is purple but I found a new love for gold, I really like gold. Purple and gold, together. Lakers, I do like the Lakers too." Justin adds: "Oh yeah, purple and gold."

Q: Favorite Animal

A: "My favorite animal is probably 'Tuts' [Bieber's moody looking pet cat]. Specifically, because she's not any cat, she's a "Tuts" --- she's the best cat in the world."

Justin Bieber, Tuts, And His Manager Scooter BraunQ: Favorite Food

A: "My favorite food is spaghetti and I heard that spaghetti was invented in China. I was under the impression that it was invented in Italy."

Q: Favorite Musicians

A: "I really like Eric Clapton. I really like Jimi Hendrix. Elton John. Musicians...very talented The Beatles musicians, very good musicians."

Q:Favorite Entertainer

A: "My favorite entertainer, by far, Michael Jackson."

Q: Favorite 'Own' Song

A: "Out of all the songs I've ever written, my favorite song is probably 'Be Alright'." [The cut appeared on Believe, Bieber's third studio album of last year.]

Q: Favorite Holiday

A: "My favorite holiday is Christmas. And not because of the presents just because that's the time when all my family is together at one time, and we all do activities together and play games and have fun."

Q: Favorite Number

A: "My favorite number is six because that was my hockey number growing up. And I remember one year this kid --- [sic] ---- and you walk in and this kid stole the number six jersey and I was like 'Man, bro that's my jersey, I'm definitely taking number six'." And he was like 'No, I'm number six'."

Justin recalls: "And guess who that person was? It was Ryan Butler. And I let him take the number six because I'm a good friend and I took number three."

Q: Favorite Road trip

A: "My favorite road trip was actually when me, my mother and my father drove all across Canada in a Pontiac Grande Am and it kept breaking down, but it was still one of the most amazing trips ever."

After a tumultuous few months of on and off tour exploits --- albeit, at times inflated --- the pop singer's recently unveiled shirtless guest rap in Detroit hitmaker Maejor Ali's "Lolly" video seemed to ruffle the feathers of those seemingly unfamiliar with contemporary music content over the past 40 years.

Recently spotted at Bali, Indonesia's "Ubud Monkey Forest," excitement about Bieber's arrival in Asia is high with speculation already bubbling about a potential K-Pop Dream Team event if the star is joined onstage by Psy and G-Dragon at his October 10 concert in Korea.

In the midst of all this, new solo music is expected from the singer in October. After Asia, the tour moves to Latin America before New Zealand and Australia. The entire trek wraps December 8 at Perth Arena.

Bieber's upcoming Believe movie-documentary, which recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, is expected to hit theaters this Christmas.