Zac Efron Hid Partying, Drug Use From The Public

Zac Efron was to the public the all-American actor, the clean-cut Disney star anchoring in the High School Musical franchise.

But behind the scenes the 25-year-old star was turning to a life of partying and drugs that was slowly taking control of his life. The lifestyle caught up the Efron this year, as he went to two different stints in rehab.

As Zac Efron now tries to rein in his partying and drug use before it overtakes his career, friends of the actor pinpoint what went wrong.

“He surrounds himself with a group that enjoys partying,” a source close to Efron told People magazine. “He got caught up in the partying lifestyle the past few years.”

Sources who know Zac said he liked to party and drink but he also tried to keep a low profile, He didn’t want to be like other young stars, splashed across the pages of tabloids with their partying and drug use.

“He would make sure that his friends surrounded him and was clearly concerned with his privacy … almost to a paranoid level,” said a source who knew Zac from the Los Angeles club Bootsy Bellows.

Now that the details of his lifestyle have come out, Zac Efron is reportedly in crisis mode.

“He’s a huge control freak and has always been obsessed with keeping his partying on the down low, this getting out is his worst nightmare,” a source told HollywoodLife. “He cares so much about keeping his private life private.”

But his private life began to encroach on his acting this year. Reports say that while working on the Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors, Zac Efron was so high on cocaine and ecstasy that he missed several days of shooting. It was then that the young star realized he needed to go to rehab.