Katherine Webb And AJ McCarron Break Up? Don't Believe Everything You Hear

Dan Evon

Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron have ended their relationship. Well, that's what the gossip sites are claiming.

A new report from Radar Online claims that the reality star / Swimsuit model / Miss Alabama has ended her relationship with her college quarterback boyfriend.

Radar quotes Webb's mother Leslie, saying: "Yes (they've broken up). Katherine's just trying to stay real busy."

But you shouldn't believe everything you read.

A rep for the star told E! Online that the rumor isn't true. Her publicist said that Webb has been keeping busy with work and A.J. has been busy with the college football season. The two aren't spending as much time together but they are still dating.

Her publicist said: "A.J. and Katherine are totally fine. She is working a lot and A.J. is in the middle of the college football season."

Earlier this year there were rumors that Webb and McCarron were getting married. Webb said that the rumors were not true and promised the media that she would make an engagement if the time comes.

Webb said: "I promise you, you guys will know when that time comes."

Did you think that Katherine Webb and A.J. McCarron broke up? If you don't trust Webb's publicist, here's a message from the reality star herself.

— Katherine Webb (@_KatherineWebb) September 20, 2013