Ben Affleck Thought He Was As Smart As Women Until … [Video]

Actor/director/Batman Ben Affleck grew up thinking he was a pretty smart guy. At least as smart as women. That is, until he became a dad himself.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the 41-year-old dad of three admitted that he finally understood the difference between men and women after observing his own children.

“I went around my whole life thinking I was more or less as smart as women, and then I had kids and realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. Like my son, he just run into walls,” Affleck said.

“My daughters build things like MacGyver, they can all read, my son [… ] just blows up toys.”

Affleck also discussed the reaction to his casting as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, admitting that he became a “Luddite” for a little while after seeing some of the initial response.

Though the criticism was definitely heavy that first week, individuals like Michael Keaton and Joss Whedon have given Affleck their blessing. A guy who worked with him very recently thinks he’s the right man for the gig, as well.

Affleck’s Runner Runner co-star Anthony Mackie had nothing but praise for the Warner Bros. decision.

“I think it’s great,”Mackie told E! News. “My favorite Batman was Michael Keaton because he made Batman like an everyday guy we can relate to. I feel like the last few [actors playing] Batman have been lost in trepidation that you really can’t relate to. So I feel like Ben Affleck—what makes him a star is he has that everyman quality. I feel like he is going to bring that back to Batman and make him cool again.”

Even Joseph Gordon Levitt, whom many fans hoped would succeed Christian Bale in the role, gave Affleck his blessing during a reddit AMA this week.

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