Carlos Guevara: X Factor Singer Overcomes Tourette’s Syndrome, Impresses Judges

Carlos Guevara came a long way to impress judges on The X Factor.

It wasn’t the physical distance the 16-year-old covered in coming to his audition that’s remarkable, but instead the obstacles he’s overcome in becoming one of the hottest singers through the first week of the singing competition.

Guevara suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, which gives him involuntary motor and vocal tics that for a normal singer would be devastating. But Carlos has worked hard to overcome his disorder, and on Wednesday’s episode of The X Factor he showed off just how far he’s come.

Singing “Gravity” by John Mayer, Carlos Guevara turned in a showstopping performance that earned him a standing ovation from the crowd and praise from the judges.

“You have a beautiful voice I can tell that you have a beautiful soul. I believe that you are so talented,” said Demi Lovato.

Simon Cowell took the praise a step further.

“Carlos, you know what I like about you is that you’re not a victim,” he said. “You’ve got this issue, but most importantly you haven’t let that stopped you doing what you dreamt of doing.”

Simon’s praise was actually a big backward. Instead of overcoming Tourette’s Syndrome so he can sing, Guevara is singing so he can overcome Tourette’s Syndrome.

“They tried every medicine in the book, and the only thing that could help me was music,” Carlos told the judges.

Carlos seemed to enjoy his moment in the spotlight. In obvious awe of his attention, Carlos stopped in the middle of his performance to say, “This is amazing.”

Guevara aside, this season of The X Factor has been filled with surprises, from 54-year-old grandmother Lillie McCloud to 13-year-old spark plug Rion Paige.

Fans of Carlos Guevara will have a chance to see a lot more of him on The X Factor. The judges voted unanimously to send him through to the next round.