Remember When Famke Janssen Found That Creepy Kid’s Book? It’s Probably Hers

Dusten Carlson - Author

Dec. 18 2017, Updated 2:57 a.m. ET

Remember when actress Famke Janssen found that creepy children’s book in her New York apartment last month and called the police, believing that it was a disturbing message from a sneaky stalker/intruder/rapist/killer?

Cops think it was her book all along.

According to the New York Post, police investigated the bizarre scene and have determined that The Lonely Doll, penned by Dare Wright, is actually Janssen’s book. Of course, this just begs the question: How could you forget a book like that?

Well, that’s where there’s still a little but of mystery in this story. Investigators found a few to-do lists inside the book, one of which had her name on it, so they figured “the book has some connection to her home.”

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“Sure,” you say, “anyone can write her name on a list and put it in a book,” and that’s very true, you astute reader, you. But cops didn’t find any evidence of an intruder even after checking out surveillance video.

“There is nobody suspicious,” said one cop. “All the people on the video are accounted for.”

No fingerprints on the book either. Basically, it’s either Janssen’s or it was left by a ghost.

In any case, the 48-year-old actress probably won’t be charged for filing a false report because she still believes that someone entered her apartment last month to leave the creepy book.

The Lonely Doll was published in 1957 and tells a story through text and black and white photographs. Here’s the plot summary:

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“The Lonely Doll tells the story of a doll named Edith, who lives by herself until two teddy bears, called Mr. Bear and Little Bear, appear in her life. One day, Mr. Bear goes out for a walk leaving the two alone in the house; He returns to find they have rummaged in a closet for dress-up clothing, smeared themselves with makeup, and written “Mr. Bear is just a silly old thing” in lipstick on the mirror. Mr Bear proceeds to discipline both Little Bear and Edith, leaving Edith to worry that he will take Little Bear and leave. Mr. Bear assures her that he will never, ever, leave her.”

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Who do you think left The Lonely Doll in Famke Janssen’s apartment?

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