‘Battlefield 4’ Multiplayer Trailer Aims To Blow You Away [Video]

The new Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer has hit.

Electronic Arts’ war game series is coming to current-gen consoles, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s looking to blow your expectations away. The main thing that separates Battlefield 4 from other shooters like Call of Duty: Ghosts is that it utilizes a map system reminiscent of real-time strategy games like StarCraft II, Age of Wonders, and Command and Conquer to help you coordinate attacks with friends more effectively.

The Battlefield series has always been about freedom of what you could do, making it pretty much the Grand Theft Auto of first-person shooters. You can drive tanks, dive underwater to avoid enemy detection, and even fire your weapons as you swim in Battlefield 4.

The Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer begins with some standard gameplay war scenes involving big guns, aircraft, and tanks.

The narrator starts in, “This is Battlefield 4 multiplayer. Immerse yourself in the chaos of all-out war in a series of unscripted, controller-dropping moments made possible by the power of Frostbite 3, available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and the next-generation consoles.”

The Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer continues with the text on screen telling you to “play your way,” before the narrator cuts in again:

Battlefield 4 offers a vast range of experiences that truly allow you to play your way, whether you prefer being a lone wolf taking control of your own destiny, or working together in tight-knit five man squads to truly kick ass as a team.”

'Battlefield 4' multiplayer trailer shows off the power and the possibilities
'Battlefield 4' multiplayer trailer shows off the power and the possibilities

The trailer then explains “commander mode.”

“You can also choose to take the lead with the powerful new commander mode, giving you the chance to direct multiple squad leaders and deploy powerful war assets to turn the tides of battle.”

The Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer above continues with explanations of scale, battlefield destruction, vehicle warfare, customization, battle log, and spectator mode.