Wheel Of Fortune $1 Million Mistake: Contestant Loses Prize After Mispronouncing Word

Remember kids, enunciation is important. A Wheel Of Fortune contestant recently lost out on his chance for a $1 million prize because he didn’t properly enunciate his answer.

Paul, a recent contestant on the game show, spun the big wheel and landed on the tiny $1 million prize wedge. Now, if you don’t watch Wheel Of Fortune, here’s a little information about the game show’s $1 million prize.

After landing on the wedge, you have to correctly guess the next letter. Once you do that you get to take the wedge for safe keeping. Then you have to correctly answer the puzzle. Once you do that, you win a million dollars, right? Well, no.

Then you have to win the game. Now do you get a million dollars? Still no.

Then you have to go to the bonus round and spin the wheel of prizes which now includes your $1 million wedge. You have to land on that tiny $1 million prize, again, and then you have to correctly solve the bonus puzzle.

Once you do that, you win $1 million. (And yes, it has happened.)

Paul, of course, never got that chance. After landing on the elusive $1 million wedge he correctly guessed the letter “C” and was ready to solve the puzzle: “Corner Curio Cabinet.”

But Paul didn’t enunciate his answer. Judges ruled that it was an incorrect answer and Pat Sajak moved on to the next contestant, who correctly solved the puzzle for a measly $1000. Here’s the video. Do you think Paul was screwed out of his chance to win $1 million?