‘The Dark Knight Legacy’ Fan Film Hits YouTube [Video]

“The Dark Knight Legacy” is one of the latest fan films to hit YouTube, and apparently picks up where The Dark Knight Rises left off.

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, we were left with the question of how the movie could tie in with the upcoming Justice League film, or if it would at all. After faking his death to save Gotham City, Batman had apparently retired with Catwoman and was living a quiet life at last, free of the barbs of society’s judgment. The people behind Machinima apparently found a way to continue the series with a collection of villains that rings of influence from the Batman: Arkham games.

The “Dark Knight Legacy” fan film starts out with a warning for those with epileptic tendencies, and then a simple bat logo against a dark red glow as bats fly out from behind it.

The YouTube fan film cuts to a gathering of villains around a table. A man in a clean blue suit closes a folder as he says, “Damn! Even for me that’s a lot of zeroes.” Apparently someone is trying to buy the villains’ loyalty.

The Ventriloquist asks his puppet Scarface what he thinks, and the answer is a surprisingly gruff one, “Yeah, I’m no dummy. You got yourself a deal.”


The lady next to him wearing a black shirt and red overcoat agrees, and the first man turns and tells the towering villain, “Well, Cobblepot, looks like you finally came up with a plan that justifies that get-up.”

The Penguin chuckles a little, and starts in, “Colleagues, now is the winter of our discontent.” Mentioning Batman’s faked death a year ago, he continues, “Today, we begin a new era, free from those … freaks that reduced our city to rubble. Proper villains, with the proper business sense to survive. Gotham City is ours once more. Batman is dead.” He raises his glass overhead, “Here’s to crime,” before he is shot from behind.

Pandemonium breaks loose as a mystery villain in a red mask cuts in and kills everyone who didn’t hide under the table. The survivors mistake him for Batman, but most of them don’t live much longer.

What do you think of the “Dark Knight Legacy” fan film on YouTube?