Justin Bieber Cameo Shoots Maejor Ali's 'Lolly' Into iTunes Top Ten

Justin Bieber's briefly shirtless spot on Maejor Ali's "Lolly" video debut didn't hurt the launch of the single one bit. Reaching number six on iTunes' hip-hop chart yesterday, it's a solid debut.

Directed by Matt Alonzo, the 3:44 minute neon drenched color-fest stars Detroit singer-producer Maejor Ali (formerly Bei Maejor) and features rap verses from rapper Juicy J and the pop prince amid a line-up of adult and child dancers.

The video, which premiered yesterday, was announced on Twitter by Bieber and picked up quickly by fans who began trending topics. The 19-year-old got stuck into retweeting appreciative messages and asked his 44 million followers if they had learned the "#LollyDance" seen in the clip.

Bieber shows up in full-on Shawty Mane mode at around 1:15 to deliver a rap with lyrics including:

"Throwing up a G note like I'm at a casino, I'm all fancy, yeah I'm popping Pellegrino," later adding,

"Fifty for the necklace, look down at my set list, got your girlfriend at my crib watching Netflix. Let's just admit that I'm the bestest. Guess this, you ain't never ever on the guest list."

Floating online as an audio since February, the technicolor video racked up over 3.1 million views on Ali's Vevo channel in less than 24 hours.

Although the not quite explicit chorus has drawn criticism from some outlets, seemingly unfamiliar with contemporary music for the last 40 years, to some extent the video's "Candyland" visuals help to dilute its risqué content.

In the hook, Maejor sings about a female's admiration for the sexual part of the male anatomy with barely veiled lyrics:

"She say she love my lolly / She wanna make it pop/ She say she love my lolly / She wanna kiss the top / She say she love my lolly / She love my lollilop (sic)."

'Lolly' Video Featuring Justin Bieber, Maejor Ali, Juicy J Charts On iTunes

Celebrating the song's swift entry onto the iTunes chart yesterday, Justin tweeted the news to his artist Ali.

The heartthrob added, "Who know the #lollydance?" and included the video link.

Bieber is still on a break from his Believe tour which resumes in Singapore on September 23 for a Formula One Grand Prix appearance, before embarking on the final leg of his mammoth trek.

After a tumultuous few months of on and off tour exploits amid continuing speculation about the singer's personal life, the Canadian seems to be focusing on collaborative output before releasing solo music in October and the debut of his movie-documentary Believe.

Do you think "Lolly" has peaked at number seven on iTunes or will it rise higher?