Barry Bonds Killed Bambi

Barry Bonds the disgraced former base ball player has provided a “celebrity” endorsement for Christensen Arms who make high powered hunting rifles. Who would have thoight that Barry Bonds and Sarah Palin had that much in common.

Now I’m no vegetarian, card carrying member of PETA, but I am appalled by his whopping for joy, and posing with the dead buck.

He also provided a written endorsement

With this super wide whitetail closing in, the only thing I had to worry about was putting the crosshairs on the front shoulder, and the rifle would do the rest. One blast is all it took.

By closing in he means the buck was wandering in a field minding its own business. And I guess he would know all about how “one blast was all it took”.

If you must there is a video on the Christensen website where you can watch him kill Bambi a “monster white tail” deer in Canada, fast forward to the 7 minute mark unless you want to watch all the awkward macho talk about rifles and pumping blood etc.

I guess the roids would explain it- although why Christensen would want him to endorse their product is beyond me. In other news the perjury trial against Bonds continues despite a couple of the charges being dropped.