Google Street View Car Crashes Three Times In One Day

A Google Street View car used for creating Google Maps data is responsible for causing three separate traffic accidents in Indonesia on the same day.

The vehicle was driving through Bogor on Thursday when its driver caused accident after accident, causing massive traffic headaches near the nation’s capital.

According to new agency AFP the first accident occurred when the vehicle hit a minivan. The Google Maps driver accompanied the minivan driver to a local mechanic shop. After hearing about the repair costs the Google car driver simply left the scene.

After driving away from the shop the Street View vehicle crashed into a second minivan and then veered into a parked truck.

Police arrested the Google Maps driver for questioning

Google says the company takes safety of Street View cars and other drivers seriously. In an email to ABC News a Google representative writes:

“We’re glad everyone is OK and that no serious injuries were reported [and] we’re sorry for any damage caused. We’re working closely with local authorities to ensure the proper actions are taken to address the situation.”

The cost to repair the first struck vehicle was only 200,000 rupiah, the equivalent of $17.60. $17.60 might not seem like a lot to people in other countries but it is a significant pay cut for a worker in Indonesia.

Google has not said if the Street View driver would need to pay for the repairs on his own.

The name of the Google Street View driver has not been revealed at this time.

Police would have likely allowed the driver to head home had they not fled from the repair shop following the first accident.

Google is already facing a battery of allegations over its privacy standards with Google Maps and Google Street View products.

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