David Frum Comments On Navy Yard Shooter, Inevitable Gun Control Debate

Conservative David Frum has been tweeting about the Navy Yard shootings, referencing recent mass casualty shootings like it and their effect on national conversations about guns and gun control.

It seems Twitter doesn’t know exactly what to make of David Frum’s Navy Yard shooting tweets, with some people retweeting them as if Frum meant them 100 percent seriously, users on both sides of the “debate” excoriating him, and a general cranky reception to the comments.

Frum began a few hours after the Navy Yard shooting was reported, before the debate over guns kicked off (as we know it will), but after the words “assault rifle” showed up in relation to the gunman.

At mid-morning, Frum tweeted about the looming controversy, and user @NYCMickey noted that the CNN talking head “just exposed the pro-gun play book with trenchant sarcasm that no one understands.”

It began when Frum said:

But then he added:

He charges:

Then Frum goes to the mattresses:

He concludes:

What did you think of David Frum’s Navy Yard shooting tweets?