‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Install: Rockstar Tells Gamers To Only Install The Right Disc

David Cornell - Author

Sep. 16 2013, Updated 6:12 a.m. ET

The Grand Theft Auto 5 install will only work one way, says Rockstar Games. Do not install the “play” disc.

For Xbox 360 owners who get their copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 tomorrow, they should be aware that the game comes on two 8GB discs. One disc is for installing, which will be required to play the game, and the other just for playing. Rockstar Games says that the discs will be labeled and gamers are strongly urged not to install the “play” disc.

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Yes, installing one disc will be mandatory to play Grand Theft Auto 5, much like Microsoft’s own Forza Motorsport 4. There appears to be one major downside to this method, as installing games to the hard drive was originally meant to help reduce the risk of overheating the console and causing the ever-famous “red ring of death.” Having to still play the game off of one disc doesn’t help that issue at all.

One possible reason for this particular Grand Theft Auto 5 install is that the game will push the graphics capabilities of the console to the point that, as previously reported in The Inquisitr‘s questions and answers video, GTA 5 will outperform some of the early launch titles on next-gen consoles. That’s what they said.

Rockstar has already admitted that copies of GTA 5 have been sold and shipped earlier than expected, and they’re looking into it. As a result of getting the game early, there have been some gamers who installed both discs, prompting Rockstar to announce on Twitter that the game will run most optimally if you install only the appropriate disc, and not the other. It is unknown what will happen if you try to install both discs, as Rockstar did not go into further detail on the subject.

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Nevertheless, Rockstar urges gamers to follow the appropriate Grand Theft Auto 5 install procedure, and not install the “play” disc.


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